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A little bit about me

Stacey Houston- Hey, Thats Me. 


​Wife to one… Mother of two… Photographer to many.

Although I’ve been passionate about photography since I can remember, I really embraced it once I had children of my own. Even more so after my husband deployed on his first tour of Iraq ( 12 years in country later).  With my husband overseas I found myself capturing every possible moment I could so he could "be there".  Images that made me "feel" is what I began to adore, it gave me the desire to learn more.


Ten years and MANY $$ , here we are.

Capturing moments to cherish for a lifetime and being able to give it to another parent? Well, that’s one of the best rewards I’ve found in life thus far. I find myself looking back wishing I captured more of those moments myself. As of August 2023 are "officially" empty nesters! I can't even begin to express how quickly time goes by. Embrace all the moments, the good, the bad, the ugly, the exhausting. All of them. I promise there will be a time you CRAVE the chaos. 


​What do I love?
Family that have become good friends and good friends that have become family, making my kids laugh, putting that sparkle in their eye, being outside as much as possible… Sun. Sand and Campfire, singing 80s songs loudly while driving (more so Country  these days),  College Football Season (Go Gophers), Watching our daughter Cheer, my absolute  favorite moment was watching her very last ever all star competition - THEY WON THE SUMMIT, (the National Championship, its the Super Bowl of the cheer world its what they work and train countless hours for.). 

She's currently a D1 College Cheerleader representing the University Of Minnesota in the BIG10!. 


- Our son enlisted in the  US Army his Junior year of high school at 17- He's currently active duty and serving with the 10th Mountain Div. ( 11 Bravo)  out of Fort Drum, NY.  

It's an experience being a military spouse and going thru the emotions of it all - but there is NOTHING like watching your little boy head off to basic training at the age of 17. 

Enough about me, I look forward to meeting YOU!

I spend alot of my time voulenteering for various organizations - near and dear to my heart. 

Stacey Houston,

Milwaukee Area Corrdinator 


I am happy to announce I opened my second Newborn Studio Location on November 1st. The New Libertyville studio is located right above Lovin Oven Bakery on Milwaukee Avenue. This location only serves Newborns at this time. 


355 N Milwaukee Ave 

Libertyville Il 60048

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