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Whoa Baby!


You're Having A BABY!!!! Gah! How exciting - No matter if it's your first or fifth.... a baby is such a blessing. I never in a million years would have thought that this would be my life. When I first started in photography my passion was sports, Not babies. Being that my little ones are not so little anymore ( 13 & 10). I think I developed a new appreciation for the itty bitty's. The moments you can never get back ( believe me when I say I absolutely regret not getting images like this of my own children) The moments ...They just go by so darn quick, you blink and all of the sudden they are in middle school and have girlfriends. ( Seriously, Ugh!!) 



Things to know:


        ~ The BEST time to book your newborn session is during your first / second trimester. I have been booking super fast these last few months ( it's a baby boom.)  However, I do take last minute newborns if my schedule allows. 


        ~ I don't book an exact session time & date until the baby arrives- Because there are So So So many unknowns with having a baby. From your due dates to the actual delivery dates.... to the The Dr's Appt, We want to make sure we work around all of those little details. It is also not uncommon for the baby to stay a day or so extra in the Special Care Nursery or NICU due to jaundice. They just need to work on their tan a bit. 


        ~ Once your little one arrives - You would call me or shoot me an email/ text - the DAY AFTER DELIVERY, perfect time is while you are resting in the hospital bed ogling over that new baby ... -  By placing a deposit, this guarantees your session with in the first two weeks. I do fill up quickly and sadly have had to turn away last minute sessions. 


         ~ The PRIME time for a Newborn Session is 7-15 days old. This will guarantee those sleepy squishy newborn poses.  Note: Not every scenario allows us to meet in those first 10 days- and thats okay, I have photographed newborns up to 45 days old.. 

         ~ Once we book a date and time you will recieve an email with Session Prep Instructions- This will help you prepare the baby for the session. The session typicaly takes about 2-3 Hours, Depending on the baby.

(We now live in their world and they are in charge) 


         ~ The Session- I LOVE PROPS!! I have EVERYTHING you would need for your session from wraps, buckets, blankets to headbands. (Some would say I have a prop buying problem....some being Gina :) ) There is  No need to buy anything special unless you want to.  (( Click HERE for a list of my favorite vendors )) 


         ~ Special Set Ups - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these - I love making each session your own. I have done many Sports Teams- Police- Military- Fire- Hunting- Harley Davidson- Rainbow Baby and job related Special Prop Shots. If you would like to do one of these - Please let me know before hand - this will assure that I am prepared for your special session. 


         ~ Please take a moment to fill out my Newborn Session Questionaire


         ~ Session Location: The majority of my sessions are done at my 1000 sq ft studio located in Downtown Kenosha Wi. (625 57th Street, Kenosha WI 53140) Although I do offer on location or outdoor options.


NEW LOCATION - I am happy to announce I have opened a second Newborn Studio in Libertyville Illinois. 










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